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All books are available for Kindle and paperback. (Some paperbacks are only available in a money-saving collection.)

The Amish of Swan Creek
While these romances all stand alone, they do contain spoilers and should be read in order. Book 4 wraps up any loose ends from books 1-3, making a complete set. This series is available as a collection for Kindle and the paperback is available at Amazon. They are also available as individual novellas from Amazon.

Sweet Competition
From the time they were youngsters in a one-room Amish schoolhouse, Emma and Jeb have competed in everything from foot races to fishing contests. But now that they’re grown and competing leads to pride, the worst sin of all, Emma must choose to put away childish squabbles and concentrate on her baptismal classes, so she can join church and marry Luke, her long time beau.

When Jeb starts a rumor about her, the whole community turns on Emma, and those childhood feelings come back with a vengeance. But is it hatred she feels for Jeb or something else?

Redeeming Ruth

Sydney Ruth Glynn doesn’t often know where her next meal will come from. Her deadbeat mom, JoAnn, abandons her, sometimes weeks at a time, with no money and an empty pantry. Now JoAnn wants to introduce her to some relatives in Amish country. Sydney agrees to go for the weekend, but when her mom takes off again without her, Sydney’s left with a large group of strangers who look at her as if she’s from another planet.

With no job prospects and only a tenth-grade education, Sydney must decide to either try to make it in the world on her own or stay with the people her mother rejected sixteen years ago, including the handsome young Amish man who threatens to steal her heart.

Abigail's Letters

Thirty-two and unmarried, Abigail Lengacher is essentially an old maid in the Amish community. But her luck is about to change when a penpal from a neighboring settlement proposes marriage, and a stranger seeking employment visits the woodshop where she works. Now she has two men interested in her, which is much more than she ever dared to dream. How will she choose? And if she keeps them waiting, will she lose them both?

The Long Way Home

Anna May Shetler is on a mission to prove to Jonas Hilty they’re meant for each other. He’d kissed her after the Sunday singing, but he’s still playing hard to get. In an effort to make Jonas jealous, Anna May accepts a ride home from his twin brother, Elias, but will a buggy accident derail all her plans for her future?

A Swiss Amish Christmas
This series may be read in any order. All of these romances stand completely alone and are rich in Swiss Amish culture.

I Hear Christmas

Joy Schwartz has always loved to sing, ever since she was little and her teacher taught her to yodel. She’s thrilled when she’s asked to help with the Christmas program the Amish school is putting on—even more so when she finds Lucas Wickey has also volunteered to help. Despite being “slow,” Lucas can sing better than anyone in the settlement. As her feelings for him grow, she must decide what’s more important—what everyone else thinks, or what she’s hearing from her heart.

A Christmas Courtship

When a house fire brings her ex-beau’s family to live with her temporarily, Tabitha Hilty is forced to confront the reasons she and Isaac broke ties in the first place. But in a house full of seventeen people—two suffering from dementia, and a pet squirrel to boot—there’s no room for petty squabbles. The tight living arrangement will either force forgiveness, or ruin everyone’s Christmas. Or will she find there’s a spark left in their relationship after all?
Three generations of Swiss Amish courtship practices come together to make this touching, yet humorous romance.

The Christmas Stranger

Maddie Graber has had it with farm life and is moving to Asheville. Ever since her brother Thomas left her with all his chores she’s been thinking on it. But when Dat hires an Englisher to be his new farm hand, Maddie begins to second-guess her decision. Life on the farm is no longer boring, but can the stranger fix everything else that’s wrong with the place, and will he capture her heart in the process?

Forbidden Amish Love

Two broken hearts. One forbidden romance.

Amish school teacher, Emily Graber, is falling for a man who's been married before. The rules of the Swiss Amish community say he's forbidden to remarry, only someone forgot to tell Emily's heart.
This book began as serial fiction in three parts, The Broken, book one of the Forbidden Amish Love series. The story continues in book two, The Forbidden. Watch for the dramatic conclusion in book three, The Secret.

It is now also available as a full novel in paperback and ebook form.

An Amish Rumspringa

Can the world change a person?

The woman of the house since her mueter died at age eleven, Elizabeth Shetler dreams of being independent—or at least safely away from her abusive vater. When she overhears a group of youth planning to move to Asheville, Missouri for Rumspringa, Elizabeth begs to tag along as housekeeper. She, too, is curious about the world beyond Swan Creek Settlement, but will she and the others learn even more about themselves?

Available as serial fiction in three parts or a completed novel in paperback and ebook.

The Amish Flower Shop

When an Amish woman is asked to run the local flower shop will it be a dream come true, or more than she bargained for?

After making an impulsive promise to the owner of the local flower shop, Ella Lengacher must carry on in her stead, but what does she know about running a business? And can she catch the eye of Levi Miller, or is it her twin sister Marcy he's come to see?

Find out in The Amish Flower Shop, a light-hearted Amish romance.

Stories From The Heart

10 Stories of Love, Faith, and Family.

"Like Amish soup for the soul."
From the author of the bestselling Amish romance series Forbidden Amish Love comes Amish Neighbors, a short story romance collection from the heart.
Ten stories under one cover.
Enjoy clean and wholesome stories about Amish life and culture, each detailed and skillfully written by Swiss Amish romance author, Tattie Maggard, in a format to fit your busy lifestyle.

An Amish Heart

Sometimes you have no choice but to go home again.

When Susie Yutzy hung up her kapp in pursuit of nursing scrubs, she believed she was done with Swan Creek forever. All it took was a lost little girl and a storm to haul her back into the arms of her ex-beau, putting her career and a certain handsome doctor's interest on hold. But will Susie's revived Amish heart destroy her Englisher dreams?

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