Friday, July 27, 2018

Can't Stop Crying

I just got a message from my dear friend, Laura Marshall, the owner of, the website I started back in August of 2011. My daughter was just a baby back then and I started it because I believed strongly that every Christian author should have an opportunity to market their book affordably (and because if I didn't find something to do I would have gone crazy.)

The site has grown tremendously since then. I never once regretted taking Laura on as my business partner and though it was a big decision to leave Christian Book Finds to homeschool my daughter and write full time I haven't regretted that, either. It's been left in capable hands, that's for sure, as evidenced by the beautiful new look.

Laura left a touching blog post thanking everyone who made the site possible and when I read it the tears flowed. Seeing what she's been able to accomplish with the site has really been a dream come true. If you love Christian Kindle books as much as I do (over 10,000 ebooks last count) then you need to check out Christian Book Finds for the latest deals. Tell Laura Tattie sent you. ;)

And I know how much you adore Amish fiction. Laura has teamed up with Amos Wyse on their second Amish series and they're all free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Check out their books here.

If you still haven't purchased The Amish Flower Shop 3 here's the link. Look for my novel this September and some short stories coming soon as well.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! God bless!

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