Friday, September 7, 2018

New Release: Amish Neighbors Book 1 (And a Request)

Looking to expand my review team. Do you love Amish Kindle books? Do you know your way around the Amazon website? Can you type a few honest sentences about the books you read?
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Amish Neighbors Book 1 is the beginning of a whole new Christian series of short Amish fiction set in the fictitious Swan Creek community.

Enjoy this mini-collection of clean and wholesome stories about Swiss Amish life and culture, each detailed and skillfully written by bestselling Amish romance author, Tattie Maggard, in a format to fit your busy lifestyle.

A Piece of Home

A Mennonite woman goes back to her childhood Amish home at Christmas, and reconsiders her decision to leave the community.

The Stubborn Type

A wife's visit to the doctor leaves her husband unsettled. Can he change his ways before it's too late?

Mabel's Treasure

A little Amish girl finds something interesting on her trip to town. But will her mother find it and make her give it back?
Amish Neighbors: Stories From The Heart is an inspirational new series featuring short stories about the characters of Swan Creek Settlement. While these stories stand alone, fans will recognize some beloved characters from previous books.

Only $0.99 for Amazon Kindle and Free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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